Wheat in the News – May 12, 2011

Wheat Field Days are coming soon! Click here for a schedule! June 6-15  http://bit.ly/jjh2PL

http://bit.ly/lRrxFi Wheat Farmers Thankful for Wet Spring Weather (9News reporter Kevin Torres visited Cooksey Farms on Wednesday)

Reminder: Crop Progress reports are posted on our website every Monday after they are released by the USDA: http://bit.ly/jRjSo1

Analyst: Dry weather may cut U.S. winter wheat harvest to five-year low http://bit.ly/m7tD2h

Vilsack questions proposed budget cuts  http://bit.ly/kjf6zP

Colorado State University Extension hosts AgFest 2011 – CWAC was a sponsor of this educational event http://bit.ly/m5ShtV

The Colorado winter wheat crop was estimated at 2,150,000 acres harvested, down from 2,350,000 last year, and a 30 bushel per acre yield, down from 45 last year, for a total production number of 64,500,000, down from 105,750,000 last year and under the ten year average of 67,030,000. http://bit.ly/ixbn9D

USDA Predicts 39% Decline in Colorado’s 2011 Winter Wheat Crop http://bit.ly/kKdqTk

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