Wheat in the News – November 29, 2011

We are now accepting donations for our Ag Classic CAWG PAC auction. This auction provides a major part of the funding for CAWG PAC every year. Some very creative items were provided by companies last year including crop safety products, toy farm equipment, tool kits, tickets (to the National Western Stock Show, Denver Broncos and Colorado Avalanche), apparel, gift baskets, paintings and pictures, wine selections, and other items. Please email Glenda Mostek at gmostek@coloradowheat.org if you have a donation.

Time to register for the Ag Classic!  http://bit.ly/AgClassic2011. Keynote speaker this year this year: How does the European financial catastrophe, a growing crisis in the Middle East over Iran, socioeconomic pains in China and a Russian regional resurgence impact a grains producer in Colorado?  Reva Bhalla, STRATFOR’s Director of Analysis, will apply a geopolitical lens to the most critical global issues of the day to help you understand how events thousands of miles away have the potential to influence the markets in ways that could affect your bottom line. Ms. Bhalla will explain the geopolitical underpinnings of the United States in its infancy as a global empire, highlight critical demographic trends in the developing and industrialized world and then take a 360 degree tour around the world to provide a synopsis of the trends that STRATFOR, a globally-renowned private intelligence firm, expects to play out over the next five years.

Getting ready for Christmas? Here are four ways to make your dinner rolls ahead: http://bit.ly/saPn8l

Post-USDA Reports, Market Focus Shifts to 2012 http://bit.ly/uZ08Qx

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