Wheat in the News – December 5, 2011

The morning session from the Colorado Ag Classic is available to watch online thanks to Brian Allmer and and the BARN Media Network.

Brownfield Ag News: Tentative plan for farm bill hearings http://bit.ly/rubMko

12/6/11 – Colorado Congressional (Federal) Redistricting is decided. Democrats’ map wins out.  http://bit.ly/vrCe7n Rep. Mike Coffman and Rep. Scott Tipton now in more competitive districts. http://bit.ly/sMfiaJ

http://1.usa.gov/tpTrXY U.S. Department of State (Speech) – 11/30/11 – In the past few years we have come to associate words like “economy” and “business” with nothing but bad news. But I don’t need to tell you what the business community is feeling. The surprising and interesting thing about my job, however, is that we actually get to spend a lot of time talking about good news and the exciting initiatives we have going. And agriculture is absolutely one of them.

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