News Release – 2012 Colorado Winter Wheat Crop Projected Better Than Last Year, 10-Year Average

May 10, 2012, Fort Collins, Colo. – In the USDA NASS Crop Production report issued May 10, the Colorado winter wheat crop was projected at 92,250,000 bushels, based on 2,250,000 acres being harvested (2,400,000 are planted) with an average yield of 41 bushels per acre. Last year the Colorado winter wheat crop was 78,000,000 bushels, with 2,000,000 acres harvested (2,300,000 acres were planted) with an average yield of 39 bushels per acre. This compares with the 10-year average of 2,395,000 acres planted, 2,070,000 acres harvested, average yield of 32.2 bushels per acre and total production of 68,230,000 bushels.

The Colorado winter wheat crop estimate of 92,250,000 can go up or down from now until harvest based on whether Colorado receives timely rain. Many farmers anticipate harvest will start early this year, beginning perhaps as early as mid-June in the southeastern part of the state, where harvest would typically start at the end of June.

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