May 10, 2013 Crop Production Report

On May 10, USDA released its Crop Production Report, forecasting U.S. winter wheat production at 1.49 billion bushels, down 10 percent from 2012. Area harvested for grain is forecast at 32.7 million acres, down 6 percent from last year. As of May 1, the United States yield is forecast at 45.4 bushels per acre, down 1.8 bushels from the previous year.

Colorado winter wheat production is forecast at 61,950,000 bushels, based on 1,770,000  harvested acres (2,200,000 acres were planted) and an average yield of 35.0 bushels per acre, 16 percent lower than last year and 14 percent below the 10-year average. 1,770,000 acres harvested would be the lowest since 2004.

Click here to read the entire report. [download id=”642″]

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