July 30, 2013 Colorado Winter Wheat Harvest Report

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2013 Colorado Winter Wheat Harvest Report Wrap-Up

July 30, 2013

On Monday, July 29, USDA estimated the Colorado winter wheat crop was 94 percent harvested, compared to 75 percent last week, 100 percent last year, and the five year average of 89 percent.

Most elevators said harvest had wrapped up, with a few along the Front Range still taking wheat but at a much slower pace. Monsoonal moisture continued to slow the end of harvest for many farmers.

Overall, elevators reported a smaller crop than average, much smaller in some cases, due to the drought and spring freezes.

Tempel Grain said their intake of hard white wheat at Wiley was two percent of the five year average, and hard red wheat 1.5 percent of average. Vona’s intake was nine percent of average and Bethune was 35 percent of average.

Deb Smith of Stratton Equity Coop (Stratton, Burlington and Kirk) said harvest is 99 percent complete.  They had mostly partial loads coming in that were harvested before the weekend.  They received 25% of an average crop.

Cargill-Cheyenne Wells estimated harvest for their area at about 25 percent of an average crop.

Cargill-Burlington estimated wheat production in their area to be about 25 percent of last year’s crop.

Brent Oestman at Flagler Coop said he always wondered what it would be like to have harvest 12 months of the year, and said this year he might get to find out. They hadn’t had any trucks since the morning of Saturday the 27th because of fog in the mornings and showers in the afternoon. He estimated wheat production in their intake area to be 40 percent of average.

Cargill-Byers estimated intake at about 80 percent of an average crop.

Grainland at Haxtun said that their intake was 75 percent of an average crop.

CHS in Yuma, Idalia, Brush, Otis and Akron said the crop for their area was 40 percent of average.

J.D. Heiskell reported harvest as 85 percent complete at Stoneham and Platteville with  Wiggins and Fort Morgan 100 percent complete.  They received approximately 40 percent of an average crop in their draw area. Activity since last Thursday has been very slow due to the weather. Producers are hoping to begin the final stages of harvest today and to be finished by the end of the week.

Commerce City Grain said the crop for their area was on par with most of the state at about 60 percent of average.

Roggen Farmers Coop said the total intake for their area was 85 percent of average.

This is the final regular Harvest Report. We will issue another report on August 12, updating USDA crop estimate numbers, and another in approximately a month, when Plains Grains, Inc., releases average protein, test weight, moisture and milling and baking quality data from its sample testing.

Colorado winter wheat production in 2013 is projected at only 49,500,000 bushels (based on the USDA’s estimate of yield on July 11, 2013), down 33 percent from 73,780,000 bushels produced last year, and down 31 percent from the 10-year average crop of 71,978,000 bushels.

The estimate for the 2013 Colorado winter wheat crop is based upon only 1,500,000 acres being harvested (which is the lowest harvested acres since 1965) with an average yield of 33.0 bushels per acre.  This compares with 2,170,000 acres harvested last year and the 10-year average of 2,122,000 acres harvested and an average yield of 34 bushels per acre last year and the 10-year average yield of 33.4 bushels per acre.

An estimated 2,200,000 acres were planted last fall for harvest in 2013, compared with 2,350,000 acres planted for harvest in 2012 and the 10-year average of 2,395,000 acres planted for harvest.


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