Setting the Record Straight on Glyphosate Application

NAWG Information:

A recent article accused wheat farmers of “drenching” their crops in herbicides shortly before harvest as a “standard procedure,” which is not standard practice. The article references a report that has been debunked from Samsel and Seneff in 2013 alleging glyphosate residues are responsible for the surge in Celiac disease. The Celiac Disease Foundation has also challenged the report. Roundup brand agricultural herbicides are proven safe for the applicator, the environment and the consumer, when used according to label instructions. Growers apply pesticides in a manner that is approved by EPA. NAWG supports the responsible use of herbicides. NAWG Vice President and wheat farmer from Washtucna, Wash., Brett Blankenship, provides the farmer’s perspective in this video. Brett uses glyphosate well before planting to provide a clean growing environment and after harvest to provide a clean growing environment for the next crop. Wheat farmers are important to all of us. In the U.S., there are 55 million acres of wheat produced across 44 states that provide a key ingredient in nutritious bread and pastas. If you have questions about how your food is being produced, ask a farmer.

Here’s another piece written by our friends at Kansas Wheat giving the truth on herbicide application from various experts.

Kansas Wheat Response:


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