Wheat Rust Update – March 21

Wheat Rust update from Kirk Broders and Erick De Wolf:

Update from Kirk Broders, Assistant Professor in the Department of Bioagricultural Sciences and Pest Management, Colorado State University.

Stripe rust has been found in southeast Kansas and with the cool weather will likely continue to move across the state. Leaf rust was found in several counties bordering Colorado, so please be on the lookout and feel free to send photos if you come across any symptoms.

Update from Erick De Wolf, Extension Plant Pathologist, Kansas State University.

The wheat crop is growing rapidly throughout Kansas. The crop in the more advanced fields are approaching jointing in the northwest and are about a week away from flag leaf emergence in the south central and southeast portions of the state.  The crop is generally considered to be about 3 weeks ahead of schedule with respect to normal growth and development. There are multiple reports of leaf rust and stripe rust in Texas, Oklahoma, and other surrounding states.

The Crops Extension team has been busy scouting for disease in recent weeks. We are finding active leaf rust and stripe rust in the state (see maps attached). Leaf rust was reported in west central and northwest, Kansas with most activity in counties bordering Colorado. Low levels of leaf rust were also observed in research plots in Riley County, which is located in northeast Kansas. The winter has been very mild in Kansas and it is very likely that the leaf rust has overwintered in the state. Stripe rust was reported in multiple counties this past week. Stripe rust is generally at very low levels with most activity reported in the southeast portion of the state.

Tan spot and powdery mildew have also been reported in some areas of the state.

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