Seed to Glass Collaboration



June 9, 2016

Colorado truly is the state of purple mountains majesty and amber waves of grain. Colorado also calls itself the “State of Craft Beer”, and there is currently exciting new work being done to ensure that Colorado craft beers brewed with the waters running down from those majestic purple mountains can also include Colorado grown grains from those amber waves!


On Tuesday June 21st at 4pm Zwei Brewing Company, located at 4612 S. Mason St., in partnership with the agricultural advocacy organizations of Colorado Wheat (Colorado Wheat Administrative Committee and Colorado Wheat Research Foundation) and Troubadour Maltings, will be tapping the delicious Bersteinfarbenes Weizenbier “Amber Waves of Grain”. This special release was brewed by Zwei using both wheat and barley grown in Colorado and malted by Troubadour at their facility in northeast Fort Collins. The wheat was provided by Colorado grower Cary Wickstrom via Colorado Wheat, and the barley by the five Colorado growers that Troubadour is working with in both Larimer and Weld counties.


Colorado has a long and proud history of wheat production. The art of growing this “prairie gold” has been passed down from generation to generation, and more than two million acres of wheat are currently planted in Colorado each year. Colorado Wheat is making a concerted effort to work with Colorado craft breweries to adopt the use of Colorado grown wheat into their beers, and Troubadour Maltings has been in operation now for just over a year establishing itself as what has been a missing link in the area’s supply chain by building a regional craft malt house and acting as the conduit between Colorado growers and brewers. Other Colorado Breweries including Horse & Dragon, Odell, Funkwerks, Our Mutual Friend, TRVE, and Pateros Creek also have brews planned for this important project.


Zwei Brewing selected the Bernsteinfarbenes Weizenbier style because of the tradition of wheat in German beers. In medieval Germany wheat was a prized and limited commodity, but with the enactment of the German beer purity law its use was banned for use in beer. WIth Presented with an opportunity to make a little extra revenue, the ruling Bavarian Duke decided to license its exclusive use in bier to one brewery for a sizable sum. This brewery enjoyed this privilege for decades up through when Duke Maximilian inherited this right and utilized it to finance the thirty years war. This Bernsteinfarbenes Weizenbier (translation; Amber Stone Colored Wheat beer) has a beautiful amber orange glow and a pleasing light caramel, spicy and banana aroma. It finishes nimbly and is refreshingly flavorful.


This seed to glass collaboration hopes to encourage the brewing of unique and remarkable beers, whether they be based on traditional recipes or new ones. This is the dawn of a new era of craft beers brewed in Colorado that truly taste like Colorado. We hope you’ll come and lift a glass in celebration with us!



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