U.S. Wheat Associates – Harvest Report

Hard Red Winter
The 2018 HRW harvest is on hold after heavy rainfall moved across parts of Texas, Oklahoma,
Kansas, Colorado and Nebraska. As fields dry out, harvest is expected be back in full swing
next week. Industry estimates have harvest slightly up from last week with 72% complete in
Texas and 91% in Oklahoma, with most remaining areas under irrigation. In Kansas, harvest is
now 50% complete, up from 19% last week. Harvest is less than 1% complete in Colorado and
Nebraska. Rains and cooler temps have provided a boost to dry fields across parts of Nebraska
with harvest in those areas still 2-3 weeks away. In Wyoming, timely rains and cooler temps are
providing the opportunity for heads to fill out. The industry continues to be happy with the
protein quality and its performance. As of today, data is available from 105 samples from Texas,
Oklahoma, and parts of southern Kansas. Average test weight is slightly lower at 60.9 lb/bu
(80.1 kg/hl), down 0.5 lb/bu (0.6 kg/hl) from last week and remaining a US No. 1 HRW. The
average protein continues to be very good with an increase to 12.6% (12% moisture basis).

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