U.S. Wheat Associates Harvest Report – July 20, 2018

Hard Red Winter
Harvest is now complete or underway in every HRW producing region, including northern
Montana’s “Hi-Line” and northern Idaho. Wet conditions in the Central Plains slowed progress
this week. Although hail storms are an annual threat, industry contacts believe this has been a
more challenging year with substantial losses, yet to be quantified, from northeast Colorado and
the Nebraska Panhandle into South Dakota. Sixty nine new samples from Kansas and Colorado
did not change composite grade and non-grade data this week of what has been a very good
quality crop to date. Composite test weight at 60.3 lb/bu (79.3 kg/hl) is slightly less than in 2017;
composite protein at 12.8% (12% moisture basis) to date is significantly higher than the 2017
crop. Thousand Kernel Weight data is missing because of instrument problems at the laboratory
that are being addressed.

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