U.S. Wheat Associates Harvest Report – July 27, 2018

Hard Red Winter

The 2018 Plains HRW wheat harvest progressed into most South Dakota and Wyoming fields
over the past week and well into the Pacific Northwest. Contrary to early expectations for lower
protein levels in areas that had more rain, data from 178 new samples only changed cumulative
protein from 12.8% (12% moisture basis) to 12.6%. Very good protein levels of >12% in
Wyoming (for which elevators are paying premiums) and reports from South Dakota of a 13.9%
protein average with excellent test weights exceeding 61.5 lb/bu (80.9 kg/hl) probably propped
up overall protein. Cumulative test weight increased from 60.3 lb/bu (79.3 kg/hl) to 60.6 lb/bu
(79.7 kg/hl). The Single Kernel Characterization System lab instrument measuring thousand
kernel weight has not yet been repaired.
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