BASF Guest Blog: Calling All Wheat Growers: Monarchs Need Your Help!

From The National  Wheat Foundation

Over the past 20 years, monarch butterfly populations have declined more than 80 percent. The decline is due to many different factors: deforestation of their overwintering site, severe weather events, availability of nectar sources and loss of milkweed habitat. By simply preserving and re-establishing milkweed habitat on non-crop areas of your farm, you can play an important role in protecting this iconic species.

Contrary to popular belief, not all weeds are bad. In fact, native milkweed, typically found growing in non-production areas of your farm such as ditches, roadsides and fence rows, is one such weed. Monarchs depend on milkweed (Asclepias genus) as a place to lay their eggs and it is the only food source for monarch larvae.

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