International Wheat Stem Sawfly Conference

The International Wheat Stem Sawfly Conference will take place March 19-20, 2019 in the Lory Student Center Theatre at Colorado State University. Attendees can register at the door the day of the event. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

8:00-9:00 Check in & Late Registration  
9:00-9:10 Welcome to CSU Amy Charkowski
9:10-9:20 Welcome from Colorado Wheat Brad Erker
9:20-9:40 Current status of wheat stem sawfly in Montana David Weaver
9:40-10:00 Sawfly in Southeastern Wyoming Carrie Eberle
10:00-10:20 Current status of wheat stem sawfly in Colorado Frank Peairs
10:20-10:30 BREAK  
10:30-10:50 Current Sawfly Research in Nebraska Cody Creech
10:50-11:10 Impact of systemic and contact insecticides on wheat stem sawfly and off-target insect populations  

Uta Stuhr

 11:10-11:30 Field assessment of tritrophic responses to plant signalingspray formulations in wheat stem sawfly infested plots Christopher Caron
11:30-1:00 LUNCH  
1:00-1:20 Where are the parasitoids of wheat stem sawfly in Colorado?  

Erika Peirce

 1:20-1:40 Comparative assessment of wheat stem sawfly host preference and host selection behaviors using wheat and smooth brome.  


Rekha Bhandari

1:40-2:00 From microbes to sawflies: multitrophic interactions in Montana wheat fields  

Shealyn Malone

2:00-2:20 Does intercropping affect wheat stem sawfly infestation? Haley Catton
2:20-2:40 Effects of varying rainfall levels on wheat stem sawfly performance and biological control  Tatyana A. Rand
 2:40-3:00 Modeling the combined impacts of host plant resistance and parasitism on wheat stem sawfly population dynamics Courtney E. Richmond
3:00-3:10 BREAK  


Impact of non-host crop diversification on wheat stem sawfly populations  David Weaver



Role of potential extrafloral nectaries, plus sugar and amino acid nutrients, in the biology of wheat stem sawfly parasitoids  

Laissa Cavallini dos Santos



Elucidation of the mechanisms of plant resistance to wheat stem sawfly using metabolomics  

Megan Hager



Does wheat stem sawfly larval performance in barley follow maternal varietal choices? Buddhi B. Achhami
4:40-5:00 END OF DAY 1  
5:30-7:30 Social Event at The Mayor of Old Town, 632 S Mason St.  

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

8:30-9:00 Check in & Late Registration  
 9:00-9:35 New insights into stem-solidness in wheat: An integrated genomics approach  

Kirby T. Nilsen

 9:35-10:10 Sawfly Resistance Breeding at CSU – Three More Years Down the Road  

Scott Haley

 10:10-10:20 North Dakota Search for New Sources of Resistance in Thinopyrum  

Marion Harris

10:20-10:30 BREAK  
 10:30-10:50 An artificial neural network model to predict wheat stem sawfly cutting in solid-stemmed wheat cultivars  

Brian Beres

 10:50-11:10 Comparison of Three Alleles at a Major Solid Stem QTL for Wheat Stem Sawfly Resistance and Agronomic Performance in Hexaploid Wheat  


Jason Cook

11:10-11:30 A Novel QTL in Durum Wheat for Resistance to the Wheat Stem Sawfly  

Hongtao Zhang

 11:30-11:50 Analysis of Recombinant Inbred Line Populations Derived from Wheat Landraces to Identify New Genes for Wheat Stem Sawfly Resistance Andrea Varella
11:50-12:00 END OF CONFERENCE  




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