Tuesday, August 6th, 2019

CoBank Center for Agricultural Education, Fort Collins, Colorado

1)      General Business Session – 8:00 a.m.

a)      Call to Order – CAWG, CWAC

b)      Introductions of Guests

c)       Roll Call & Brief Crop Reports – CAWG, CWAC

d)      Confidentiality Reminder

e)      Approval of Agenda – CAWG, CWAC

f)       Consideration of Minutes

a)      CAWG, CWAC June 5, 2019 Board Meeting

g)      President’s Report

a)      CAWG – Shelby Britten

b)      CWAC – Brian Starkebaum

h)      Executive Director’s Report – Brad Erker

2)      Information Session

a)      Colorado Department of Agriculture (Tom Lipetzky and/or Glenda Mostek)

b)      USDA-ARS Center for Agricultural Resources Research (Daren Harmel and Merle Vigil)

c)       NASS report (Bill Meyer)

d)      Freedom To Drive Coalition – 20 minutes at 10am

e)      Meeting Reports

3)      Financial Report

a)      CAWG Financial Report Review (Debbie Parkinson)

b)      CWAC Financial Report Review (Debbie Parkinson)

4)      New Business

5)      Next Meeting Date

6)      Adjournment – CAWG, CWAC

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