Colorado Crop Progress Report – Week Ending October 20

AGRICULTURAL SUMMARY:  High winds and dry conditions were prevalent across the state last week as harvesting activities progressed, according to the Mountain Region Field Office of the National Agricultural Statistics Service, USDA.  Precipitation and snowfall were mostly confined to higher elevations in northwestern counties.  In northeastern counties, more producers started harvesting corn for grain last week, but some corn was still above ideal moisture content for harvest, according to county reporters.  High winds depleted soil moisture and caused topsoil to blow, elevating concerns for winter wheat stands.  A reporter noted winter wheat emergence was spotty in areas due to a lack of moisture.  East central counties received no moisture last week.  Grain sorghum harvest was fully underway in areas.  Extremely high winds over several days damaged recently seeded winter wheat, according to a county reporter.  In the San Luis Valley, potato harvest was virtually complete by week’s end.  A reporter noted livestock were in good condition overall, but feed supplies were tight for some producers.  In southeastern counties, pasture conditions deteriorated due to high winds and no received moisture.  A reporter noted high winds also caused some lodging of crops.  Statewide, stored feed supplies were rated 3 percent short, 79 percent adequate, and 18 percent surplus.  Sheep death loss was 2 percent heavy, 62 percent average, and 36 percent light.  Cattle death loss was 77 percent average and 23 percent light. 

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