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Recent news and highlights from around the wheat industry.

Speaking of Wheat: “Wheat is something that touches lives across the world every day, from the Kansas farmer to the suburban mom to children in developing countries. For our family, wheat is ingrained in our heritage and is a proud cornerstone of our business, so we are honored to give back to the industry that has blessed us with so much.” – The Jack and Donna Vanier Family, commenting about their recent donation of $1 million to the Kansas Wheat Commission Research Foundation. Read more here.

Sourdough Growth Seminar. Wheat Marketing Center (WMC) has announced this seminar by Dr. Lin Carson on Dec. 11, 2019. Learn about the art and science of sourdough bread! This popular dough is simple yet complex to produce. This seminar covers the science of fermentation, key ingredients, and the possibilities for innovation with starters. Plus, learn about grains and whole grains in sourdough. Click here to learn more and register: https://www.wmcinc.org/event/sourdough/.

NAWG CEO Honored. National Association of Wheat Growers (NAWG) CEO Chandler Goule was recently named a recipient of the 2019 CropLife America (CLA) Annual Jay Vroom Agricultural Ambassador Award. The award honors a member or an allied organization to CLA who has made a major contribution to public education about pesticides and their contribution to a safe, affordable and sustainable food supply. Goule said “I really appreciate being nominated for the award and to CropLife for bringing awareness to the importance of educating the public on such complicated issues as pesticides.” Read more here.

NAWG Hires New Government Relations Representative. NAWG recently announced that Jake Westlin had joined its staff as Government Relations Representative. In this role, Westlin will support the policy team and provide key research on NAWG’s policy priorities. Read the full release here.

“60 Minutes” Report on U.S. Farm Challenges. The iconic U.S. CBS television news program interviewed Beth Ford, CEO of the U.S. farmer cooperative Land O’Lakes, about the changing landscape of U.S. farms and farming. It is an objective, important look at the challenges facing farmers today and the opportunities technology offers. Read more and watch the segment online here: https://cbsn.ws/2oZDH3E.

Photosynthesis Olympics. In a new study, scientists put elite wheat varieties through a sort of “Photosynthesis Olympics” to find which varieties have the best performing photosynthesis. This could ultimately help grain growers to get more yield for less inputs in the farm. “In this study we surveyed diverse high-performing wheat varieties to see if their differences in photosynthetic performance were due to their genetic makeup or to the different environments where they were grown,” said lead researcher Dr Viridiana Silva-Perez from the ARC Centre of Excellence for Translational Photosynthesis (CoETP). Read more here.

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