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Recent news and highlights from around the wheat industry.

Speaking of Wheat:Over the last five years or so, U.S. wheat producers have shouldered many challenges and continued to produce the highest quality, most wholesome milling wheat in the world, as they have done for decades. We do not yet know if positive shifts in market and trade factors will provide the economic boost they need. But in that hope, our team at USW will be watching how they affect the markets – and how that will affect our overseas customers.” – Vince Peterson, President, U.S. Wheat Associates.

From Wheat Fields to Trade Deals. On Dec. 26, 2019, Ohio Farmer magazine profiled USW Chairman Doug Goyings. Here is the opening of the story: When something needs doing, Doug Goyings isn’t the type to pass a job off to someone else. When he needed fields drained, he figured out how to mount a trencher on a tractor and started installing drain tile. When his house needed to be rewired, he rewired it. When a windstorm wrecked his grain legs and bins, he and his family rebuilt them. And, when wheat buyers around the world need a little encouragement to buy U.S. wheat, Goyings gets on an airplane, flies off to meet with potential buyers and tells them about his farm, his family and the superior quality of U.S. wheat. “They all like to know it comes from a family farm,” he says. “Around the world, it’s that way.” Read the entire article here.

Congratulations to Cassidy Marn. The Montana Department of Agriculture has selected Cassidy Marn as the new bureau chief for the Montana Wheat and Barley Committee (MWBC), which is a long-standing state wheat commission member of USW. Cassidy has served as MWBC’s Trade and Marketing Manager since 2010 and has developed many important relationships with USW staff and overseas wheat buyers.

USW Welcomes New CEO at Oregon Wheat Commission. The Oregon Wheat Commission (OWC) and Oregon Wheat Growers League (OWGL) have selected Amanda Hoey as chief executive officer of both organizations. She replaces Blake Rowe who plans to retire soon. OWC is a long-standing state wheat commission member of USW. Amanda comes to the new position after serving as executive director of the Mid-Columbia Economic Development District. She grew up on a dryland wheat farm in Wasco County, Ore.

Who’s Who in Private Wheat Breeding. Successful Farming magazine recently posted an article on its agriculture.com website that profiles the technology companies that are breeding wheat seed for commercial sales in the United States. Much of the certified wheat seed in this country are “public varieties,” financed by farmers through checkoff funds administered by state wheat commissions and bred at land grant universities. The Successful Farming article asserts that private companies, for the most part, still believe that wheat is a viable cropping option for U.S. farmers. Read the entire article here.

NCI Pasta Production and Technology Course. This course at the Northern Crops Institute April 28 to 30, 2020, introduces participants to the fundamental and applied aspects of pasta production and quality through lectures, demonstrations and hands-on processing. Grain and ingredient quality, specifications and processing variables and their impact on final pasta product quality are presented in detail. The course focuses primarily on traditional dry durum-based pasta; however, non-traditional ingredients and fresh pasta are also covered through lectures and demonstrations. Read more and register for the course here.

IGP Grain Procurement and Purchasing Course. Two sections of the IGP-KSU grain procurement and purchasing course will be offered to enhance grain industry professionals’ ability to purchase U.S. grains and commodities with greater effectiveness. The basic course will be held April 20 to 24, 2020, and the advanced course will be offered April 28 to May 2. Participants have the option of attending a supply chain field trip April 24 to 27 and may take both sections of the course concurrently. Read more and register for the courses here.

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