NAWG Shares Wheat Priorities with the Biden-Harris Transition Team

Washington, D.C. (December 15, 2020) – Today, the National Association of Wheat Growers (NAWG) issued a letter to the Biden-Harris transition team which introduces NAWG, outlines pending policy issues needing immediate attention for the upcoming Administration, and provides a primer on the wheat industry. NAWG President and Cass City, MI wheat farmer Dave Milligan made the following statement in response:

“With inauguration quickly approaching, NAWG is seizing the opportunity to make the new Administration aware of its policy positions for the next four years and current issues facing wheat farmers.

“In its communication to the transition team, NAWG discusses the vital role farm support programs, like the federal crop insurance program, play in protecting the livelihoods of farmers when a disaster strikes. NAWG also touches on how wheat contributes to a healthy diet and the work wheat farmers are doing to end hunger at home and abroad.

“Further, as Congress and the Administration look to address climate change policy and engagement, NAWG stresses the need to factor in the impact to farmers for any policies developed.

“Lastly, with 50% of America’s wheat crop exported every year, trade continues to be a top issue for NAWG. NAWG is asking the new Administration to continue work to enhance and expand our international markets.”

“NAWG is looking forward to working with leaders of the incoming Biden-Harris Administration, and is ready is hit the ground running on issues pertaining to wheat growers. “

The letter can be found here.


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