Survey: Personal Factors Influencing Entry into Colorado Agriculture

Are you between 18 and 35 years old, living in Colorado and either currently involved in agriculture, aspiring to be involved in agriculture or have previously been involved in agriculture? The survey “Farming Young in America: Personal Factors Influencing Entry into Colorado Agriculture” is looking for participants. This study is not limited to only farmers and ranchers; those involved in agriculture education, agribusiness (input suppliers, crop management firms, processing or distribution facilities etc), agriculture law and policy, and any other facet of the agriculture industry are encouraged to participate. The study explores why young people want to enter agriculture; it investigates how personal factors may influence an individuals’ choice to enter agriculture, despite well-identified economic barriers. This information will help understand motivations for agricultural entry and identify people’s pathways to deciding to enter an agricultural career. The hope is, this data can be used to help further inform programs, policies and individuals on how to best encourage and support more young people to find a career in agriculture. Your help is greatly appreciated! The survey can be found at

Please contact the lead researcher, Jordyn Neely with any questions about the study at or 719.849.8670

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