Board of Directors

The CAWG Board of Directors consists of nine members, which includes the four officers, duly elected from their respective counties and then elected from their district, with terms of office to run concurrently with the fiscal year of July 1-June 30. The CAWG Advisory Committee consists of one member and one alternate from each county and serves in an advisory capacity to the CAWG Board of Directors. The Executive Committee, which consists of the four officers, are annually elected at the regular June meeting, with terms of office to run concurrently with the fiscal year of July 1-June 30.

Executive Committee


President:  Justin Lewton         Vice President: Auston Andersen


Secretary/Treasurer:  Cole Mertens      Past President:  Brian Brooks                                                         

CAWG Board of Directors 2023-2024

District 1

Logan, Phillips and Sedgwick Counties
Les Peterson, Director

7677 County Rd 29
Ovid, CO 80744
(970) 520-2417

Lynn Seger, Alternate

38909 CR 3
Haxtun, CO 80731
(970) 520-4477

District 2

Morgan, Washington and Yuma Counties
Nick Midcap, Director

7445 Rd 4
Wiggins, CO 80654
(970) 768-1062

Carson Pachner, Alternate

20233 County Rd. R.25 
Lindon, CO 80740
(970) 554-1225

District 3

Cheyenne and Kit Carson Counties
Chris Tallman, Director

1484 County Road 40
Brandon, CO 81071
(719) 688-2955

Vacant, Alternate


District 4

Boulder, Larimer and Weld Counties
Cole Mertens, Director

P.O. Box 170
New Raymer, CO 80742
(970) 768-0953

Vacant, Alternate


District 5

Adams, Arapahoe, Douglas, Elbert, and Jefferson Counties
Justin Lewton, Director

50000 E 144th Ave
Bennett, Colorado 80102
(303) 726-1752



Mark Linnebur, Alternate

P.O. Box 850
Byers, CO 80103
(720) 244-6775

District 6

Custer, El Paso, Fremont, Huerfano, Pueblo, and Lincoln Counties
Auston Andersen, Director

65311 County Road 22
Limon, Colorado 80828
(970) 372-9388

Carl Martin, Alternate

31320 CR 3R
Genoa, CO 80818
(719) 760-9810

District 7

Bent, Crowley, Kiowa, Las Animas and Otero Counties
Shelby Britten, Director

44495 CR J
Haswell, Colorado 81045
(719) 892-0162


Vacant, Alternate


District 8

Baca and Prowers Counties
Brian Brooks, Director

19511 CR 36
Walsh, CO 81090
(719) 361-0650

Brett Shelton, Alternate

11 Cedar Hills 
Lamar, CO 81052
(719) 688-3115

District 9

Moffat, Rio Blanco and Routt Counties
Mike Williams, Director

PO Box 115
Hayden, CO 81639
(970) 846-2255

Wayne Counts, Alternate

1070 County Road 35
Craig, CO 81625
(970) 824-7886 

















Colorado Association of Wheat Growers 2023 County Advisory Members

County County Member County Alternate
District 1    
Logan Dan Anderson Vacant
Phillips Lynn Seger Brian Starkebaum
Sedgwick Les Peterson Vacant
District 2    
Morgan Nick Midcap Cary Wickstrom
Washington Carson Pachner Vacant
Yuma Vacant Vacant
District 3    
Cheyenne Chris Tallman Vacant
Kit Carson Vacant Vacant
District 4    
Weld Cole Mertens Vacant
Boulder Vacant Vacant
Larimer Vacant Vacant
District 5    
Elbert Vacant Vacant
Adams Justin Lewton Mark Linnebur
Arapahoe Justin Lewton Mark Linnebur
Douglas Vacant Vacant
Jefferson Vacant Vacant
District 6    
Lincoln Auston Andersen Carl Martin
El Paso  Vacant Vacant
Custer Vacant Vacant
Fremont Vacant Vacant
Huerfano  Vacant Vacant
Pueblo  Vacant Vacant
District 7    
Kiowa Shelby Britten Vacant
Bent Vacant Vacant
Crowley Vacant Vacant
Otero Vacant Vacant
Las Animas Vacant Vacant
District 8    
Prowers Brett Shelton Craig Schenck
Baca Brian Brooks Vacant
District 9    
Routt Mike Williams Vacant
Moffat Wayne Counts Vacant
Rio Blanco Vacant  Vacant