Colorado Association of Wheat Growers was organized in the early 1940s when approximately 100 producers met in Arriba, Colorado. Chet Tupps was elected president and Henry Christiansen was elected secretary-treasurer. A lack of funds after World War II caused a cessation of activities until July 1950 when the organization reorganized and was incorporated. The articles of incorporation were dated July 1, 1950, with the principal office listed at 325 Kittridge Building, Denver, CO.

The Colorado Association of Wheat Growers is a voluntary dues paying membership association that provides special programs and benefits to dues paying members. Benefits include membership in the National Association of Wheat Growers and makes you eligible to receive a weekly marketing wire from Dan Maltby. The Colorado Association of Wheat Growers represents its members at the state government level, while the National Association of Wheat Growers represents them at the national government level.


To provide Colorado wheat producers an organization that represents them at the state legislature and Congress at the national level while keeping the producer updated on issues effecting Colorado wheat.


CAWG is funded through annual dues and industry sponsorships.


The Executive Committee, which consists of four officers, are annually elected at the regular June meeting, with terms of office to run concurrently with the fiscal year of July 1-June 30. The CAWG Board of Directors consists of nine members, which includes the four officers, duly elected from their respective counties and then elected from their district.

The CAWG Advisory Committee serves in an advisory capacity to the CAWG Board of Directors. The CAWG Board of Directors has the power to conduct the business of the association, negotiate contracts, establish or adjust rules, and conduct and approve other matters incidental to the well being of the association. CAWG is a grassroots organization and the members establish its policy annually.