Working For You

The Colorado Wheat Administrative Committee believes that continued and balanced investment in research, domestic, and export promotion is the best investment for Colorado wheat producer’s two cents per bushel. We value your input and thank you for your continued support in both good and difficult times.

Some of the research activities at CSU funded by CWAC include:

  • Research to develop new improved hard red and hard white winter wheat varieties with genetic resistance to the Russian wheat aphid and herbicide resistance to winter annual grasses (jointed goatgrass, downy brome and volunteer rye).
  • Drought and high temperature stress tolerance research to incorporate these traits into adapted wheat varieties, a marker assisted selection program to allow more rapid development of wheat varieties with desired trait combinations, wheat quality improvement through evaluations of milling and baking performance of Colorado wheat varieties and experimental lines and the crop testing program to evaluate existing and experimental wheat varieties.

In addition, CWAC is a member of U.S. Wheat Associates (USWA), the worldwide export marketing organization that represents Colorado and 16 other major wheat producing states. More than eighty percent of Colorado’s and fifty percent of U.S. wheat production is typically exported. Our membership in USWA provides export market promotion, particularly important to Colorado, where 80 percent of the wheat crop is exported. USWA works in over 100 countries to emphasize the reliability of U.S. wheat and help overseas buyers source the wheat they need.

CWAC is a member of the Wheat Foods Council (WFC), for the promotion of domestic wheat consumption throughout the United States. Members of the WFC include grain producers, millers and bakers, baking suppliers, life science companies and cereal manufacturers. WFC develops sound educational and promotional nutrition programs that reach health and nutrition professionals, opinion leaders, media, and consumers.