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Colorado has a long and proud history of wheat production. Colorado Wheat is comprised of three different organizations that work together to serve the state's wheat farmers.

CWAC helps Colorado wheat producers develop, maintain, and increase domestic and export sales while supporting education, research, and promotional programs designed to increase the consumption and utilization of Colorado wheat.
The Colorado Wheat Research Foundation is a non-profit organization that markets wheat varieties and traits developed at CSU.
CAWG provides Colorado wheat producers an organization that represents them at the state legislature and Congress at the national level while keeping the producer updated on issues effecting Colorado wheat.

Staff Members


Brad was raised on a dryland wheat farm in Morgan County, Colorado. He joined Colorado Wheat in August 2017 as Executive Director. He has over 20 years of professional experience in small grains and holds a Bachelor’s degree in agronomy and a Master’s degree in plant breeding, both from Colorado State University.

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