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The Colorado Wheat Research Foundation is a non-profit organization that markets wheat varieties and traits developed at CSU.

“CWRF funds development of new wheat varieties and traits.”

The Colorado Wheat Research Foundation, through a Master Research and Development Agreement with Colorado State University (CSU), funds development of new wheat varieties and traits. CWRF then acquires ownership and obtains Plant Variety Protection (PVP) or Patent Protection to bring varieties and traits to market.

CWRF coordinates distribution of Foundation and Registered seed to CWRF Participants. Participants are licensed seed growers in good standing with the Colorado Seed Growers Association or another official seed certifying agency. Participants produce Registered and Certified seed and make sales to producers. Sales of Certified seed generate royalties and trait fees, which CWRF uses to fund additional research at CSU.

The PlainsGold brand, introduced in 2012, carries some the most well-known and innovative winter wheat varieties available today in the High Plains.

The PlainsGold brand, varieties and AXigen® trait are owned by the farmer-governed Colorado Wheat Research Foundation. Royalties from the sale of PlainsGold seed support the public wheat breeding program at Colorado State University, which further enhances the funding provided by the wheat assessment paid by all Colorado wheat farmers.

Trust Your Wheat Fields To a Yield Leader

In drought years or in favorable growing conditions, PlainsGold® varieties excel. We are proud to test PlainsGold® varieties in public crops testing programs across the Wheat Belt, and in on-farm tests. Our varieties consistently perform for yield and quality, despite variable growing conditions from year to year and region to region. Find out for yourself on, where you can run head-to-head comparisons. If you’re looking for innovative new varieties with proven yield performance, then the only decision to make is which PlainsGold varieties are best for your fields.

CoAXium® Wheat Production System

 In June 2015, the Colorado Wheat Research Foundation partnered with Albaugh and Limagrain to bring a new cost-effective herbicide tolerance system to wheat growers. CWRF owns the Axigen® trait, the patented, non-GMO trait that confers tolerance to Aggressor® AX herbicides.

Ardent Mills Premium Program

CWRF has partnered with Ardent Mills and CSU for years to develop top performing hard white winter wheat varieties that meet the special quality needed for UltraGrain® White Whole Wheat Flour. The UltraGrain® family of flour delivers whole grain nutrition in mainstream foods with the taste, texture and color consumers prefer.

Research Royalties

Royalties are an investment by farmers in the future of their crop. CWRF collects seed royalties from the sale of Certified seed on our varieties. Royalty rates vary by variety but are generally about one dollar/bushel. CWRF also collects trait fees from the sale of Certified seed of CoAXium varieties. CWRF’s Master Research and Development Agreement with CSU stipulates a set percentage of gross royalties and trait fees that are returned to CSU. These funds support wheat-related research at CSU through various funding mechanisms, and supplement the research funding provided by CWAC.

Premium Program

2024 program Information:

Ardent Mills has partnered with the Colorado Wheat Research Foundation (CWRF) and CSU for years to develop top performing wheat varieties that meet the special quality needed for UltraGrain®.

Eligible Plainsgold Varieties:

PlainsGold Hard White Winter wheat varieties are developed at Colorado State University (CSU) specifically for the quality characteristics needed by Ardent Mills, with the yield performance and agronomics needed by farmers.

For the 2024 crop year, five varieties are included in the program (Snowmass 2.0, Breck, Monarch, Windom SF and Thunder CL). Certified seed is required on all Ardent Mills contracts, and the use of glyphosate for pre-harvest crop desiccation is prohibited.

Ardent Mills is currently paying premiums as follows for the 2024 crop. Future year contracts are subject to market conditions and may change. For 2024, all varieties are paid at the same premium levels:

Delivery Points:

Once you have harvested your wheat crop, complete the program by delivering your qualifying wheat crop to the delivery point in Colorado or Nebraska as listed on your grain pricing schedule: