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The Colorado Wheat Research Foundation is a non-profit organization that markets wheat varieties and traits developed at CSU.


CWRF was formed by the Colorado Wheat Administrative Committee in 1988, to further educational and scientific programs related to wheat. CWRF was the first entity to place Plant Variety Protection with the Title V option on publicly-developed wheat varieties, which requires sale only as a class of Certified Seed. This allowed CWRF to start collecting seed royalties, which began in 1995 with the release of ‘Halt’, a variety with resistance to the Russian Wheat Aphid.


The formation of CWRF helped the CSU Wheat Breeding Program grow, flourish, and adopt new technologies quickly. Colorado growers have benefitted from innovations like Clearfield®varieties, novel end-use quality traits, new resistance genes for wheat streak mosaic virus, CoAXium® varieties, molecular markers and doubled haploids.


In 2012, CWRF developed the PlainsGold brand and began utilizing our genetics platforms across a wider geography than just Colorado. Today, our varieties consistently hold over 80% market share in Colorado and are grown in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, South Dakota, and Montana.

2023-2024 CWRF Board of Directors

Nick Midcap

Wiggins (CAWG)

Shelby Britten

Haswell (CAWG)
Vice President

Mark Linnebur

Byers (CWAC)
Secretary - Treasurer

Jerry Cooksey

Roggen (CWAC)
Board Member

Jim Mertens

New Raymer (CSGA)
Board Member

Steve Beedy

Genoa (CWAC)
Board Member

Brian Brooks

Walsh (CAWG)
Board Member

Dustin Cooksey

Strasburg (CSGA)
Board Member

Cary Wickstrom

Orchard (CWAC)
Board Member

About Colorado Wheat

Colorado Wheat is a strategic alliance that houses three distinct but cooperating organizations working together to advance wheat and serve the state’s wheat growers.