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Wheat Entomology Newsletter – May 15, 2023

Adam Osterholzer:, 970-222-9568
Dr. Punya Nachappa:, 785-383-4873

Wheat Stem Sawfly
We recorded our first sawfly capture of the season on May 8th at Orchard, CO. Two male sawflies were found in our sweeps ~10 miles south of Highway 14. Males typically emerge a few days prior to females. With the forecast predicting frequent storms/precipitation for the coming days, it’s possible that there may be a delay in sawfly emergence. While the sawfly populations usually peak in late May to early June, variation from this pattern is possible (i.e. our 2012 data in Figure 1). In 2022, we had several instances where we encountered wet, windy conditions which presumably led to low adult numbers recorded on those days (Figure 1).

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